Are you looking for some place to share your talents or you have an idea you would like to share with one of our ministry teams. Each of our 8 ministry teams, has their own email address...


Property Committee

Contact: Don Carnal (email)


Fellowship Committee

Contact: Angie Fitzgerald (email)


Spiritual Growth Committee

Contact: Susan Menzie (email)


Christian Education Committee

Contact: Mia Cathey (email)


Outreach Committee

Contact: Donna Caton (email)


Stewardship Committee

Contact: Karen Palmer (email)


Worship Committee

Contact: Nancy Cook (email)


Life Safety Committee

Martin Kreissler


If you do not have access to email, each of our ministry teams also has a mail slot located in the church office. Mail can be sent to the church office at: First Christian Church, 701 NW 15th Street, Blue Springs, MO 64015