Cliff Notes...






The seeds are in the ground, the sun is shining and the wait begins. Anticipation builds as we go out every day to see what has come up and how things are growing. Should we reduce the number of melons on the vine to give the plant plenty of energy to make a few really big, or go for lots of smaller ones? Is the ground moisture good or do we need to water? At this time every year we look forward to the first spaghetti squash, the first zucchini, new potatoes and the corn (peaches and cream of course!)

It isn’t too hard to see why it is first fruit that God asks of us and giving of our first fruit reminds us to give thanks for the giver of that fruit. We look forward to harvesting the first crops from the garden, anticipating how good it will taste and how rewarding it will feel as we see and taste the produce of our efforts, and that is the way it should be. There is a deeper, more basic truth at play here too, though, and that is the connection between God and well, everything.

I know there are people who believe that we are here solely because of random chance, but really? I listened to a mathematician put that in perspective recently where he took on the old saying that goes something like, “If you put a room full of monkeys at type writers and they pounded away on them, eventually one of them would write Macbeth.” Well, this scientist looked at those odds and considering thirty monkeys pounding away twenty four hours a day, he calculated it would take OVER 38 trillion years for them to produce just the first line of Moby Dick, “Call me Ishmael.”

He went on to say that our being here as the product of a random chance event was equivalent to a tornado passing through a junk yard and creating a fully functioning 737 as a result – it just isn’t going to happen.

SO, if we aren’t the product of random chance but in fact the creation of God, don’t you think saying thanks is a good idea?  And what better way to do that than giving of our first fruit? I am not talking about offering vegetables, though you can, if you offer it to someone who needs them, I am talking about making God the first thing we give to, not the last. Here is the place where I normally give you scripture to read to support my idea but this time I want you to go to the Bible and look for it. Consider it an offering.


Cliff Caton