Cliff Notes...






February already. Just the mention of it makes you wonder if that groundhog is going to see his shadow or not, doesn’t it? Speaking of that, I wonder how that myth got started anyway. Who decided a groundhog got to decide when winter was over?

We obviously know that isn’t the way it works. Sometimes things aren’t as they might first appear. The same holds true for the God debate. We are told by those who prefer to believe there is no God that we don’t want to face the truth and hide behind “faith,” while the unbelievers rely on science.

I come from a long line of farmers and I have cleaned out a stall or two in my time. I know manure when I see it. As farmers, we relied on “science” to help us raise or increase our crops and livestock but it was “faith” that sustained us through the hard times.

I once stopped by my uncle’s house about meal time. I sat down to join him as he served a delicious casserole. I can’t think of any way you can serve a hog that I don’t like, even in a casserole. I was on my second serving when I thought to ask my uncle particulars about the dish and found out it wasn’t just any old hog, it was the groundhog that had been burrowing under the smoke house. It was still the same casserole it had been a moment before but somehow it wasn’t the same. It was still good though.

I know the atheists think they have the “truth.” But the real truth is, whatever we believe is an act of faith. In Quantum Physics, the Heisenberg principle states that you cannot know where a fundamental particle is because your act of observing it affects its position. (This is obviously a grossly reductionist explanation. Get a degree in physics if you truly want to understand these phenomena.) One must take on faith that they know where the particle in question is and act upon that supposition. The fact that the result is as predicted bolsters the original supposition. In other words, what was done in faith is confirmed in experience. Sound familiar?

Sometimes things aren’t as they might first appear. Turns out we are all pretty religious people; we just have really diverse religions. Just as that groundhog doesn’t really determine the weather, the atheists don’t really have a lock on the truth. Go read the thirty eighth chapter of Job. And as far as winter and that groundhog are concerned, it would be better for him to see his shadow than mine!



Cliff Caton