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Is that a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel I see? Think so. We are deep into the national quarantine and guess what, it appears it worked! When we first heard about this new and mysterious disease, COVID-19 (which turns out to be a rather run of the mill cold virus that just happens to be pretty contagious) we heard that as many as 250,000 deaths were expected. We need to flatten the curve we were told and to do that everyone needed to stay away from each other; just stay home. We did and it appears to have worked.

As I write this there have been right at 50,000 deaths nationwide, which, while a huge number, isn’t anywhere near what it was projected to be and probably would have been had there not been the cooperation of the population. Yep, and so what you ask? Well it’s about perspective. I am hearing a whole lot of people complaining about how bored they are and how they can’t wait till this quarantine thing is over and when are we going to start meeting again?

I just have to say that if the worst thing a person has to complain about in a worldwide pandemic is boredom, count your blessings. And while you’re at it, remember that we were in uncharted waters for a while. The people tasked with the health and welfare of our nation were working around the clock to balance the health care needs, the spreading infection rates and our economy all at the same time. We will know in the future how well they did in total but at this point I think we should all stop a moment and give thanks for the work that was done on our behalf.

As to when we will be able to gather for worship, I don’t know. I do know the experts have been right so far and I am inclined to go by their suggestions. In a world that is increasingly polarized, it is difficult to know when a “Talking Head” is really looking out for our interest or merely looking out for the interests they support, so what are we to do? I think erring on the side of caution is the best option for us. After all, is it really worth putting the health and welfare of those among us at risk in jeopardy just to get back together a week or two earlier?

I will acknowledge that I am an introvert and this whole experience has been much easier for us than it has for extroverts among us. Just hang in there extroverts, we will be gathering again soon. In the meantime, please consider setting aside part of each day to pray and read your Bible. Now would be a great opportunity to start a comprehensive reading program of the entire Bible.


Cliff Caton