Cliff Notes...






I brake for turtles. Recently, I was driving home and I happened upon a turtle that was crossing the road. The turtle was moving pretty slowly and it was apparent it was in significant danger given the speed at which it was moving. I could have swerved around it and continued on but I was concerned that the traffic behind me might not give the turtle the same consideration.

I stopped my car in the middle of the east bound lane, put on my flashers, got out of the car and moved the turtle to the side of the road. As I was doing that, the first car behind me came around my parked car. As they went past me, the driver of the car was snarling, yelling and waiving (with only PART of his hand.) I don’t think he brakes for turtles. I waived back cheerfully (using my WHOLE hand) and gave him a big smile.

Being nice to irritated people seems to irritate them even more for some reason. I’m sure he doesn’t realize it, but his behavior confirmed for me that I had in fact taken the right action. I wondered if he would have felt the same way had I been rescuing an adorable puppy. It reminded me of a saying I saw the other day, it said, “Be nice to your enemies, it messes with their heads.”

It also reminded me that it is important to have a firm moral compass, otherwise we let the pressures of society push us wherever it wants us to go, and that may not be a good thing. It usually doesn’t turn out well. First thing you know you are watching the Kardashians and then, in the blink of an eye you are skipping church and then…well, go read 4 Maccabees. It is not in the cannon but is included in most Bibles that have the Apocrypha and it is a great example of what happens when a people give up their moral compass because of societal pressures.

One more thing; I brake for snakes too, but that is another story.


Cliff Caton