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Greetings favored ones. Feeling Springy? I know for many Spring is their favorite season, and I can certainly understand why. This year, maybe more than any other year I can remember, the freedom Spring brings feels awesome. It’s hard to believe that last spring we were just shutting down in person worship due to Corona (the virus not the beer).

Someone asked me the other day how church was doing now that we have been dealing with the issues related to the pandemic for over a year. My response was, “I don’t know.” The problem is, the metrics we historically used aren’t really indicative of church as we are now doing it. It was a great question though, and something we really need to find out. We need to do something about that. It seems to me that we are quickly approaching an intersection where the pandemic is winding down, the community is opening up again, better weather is here, and people are itching to get back to “normal.”

Before we let momentum drag us along to whatever would happen, we need to be intentional about recognizing how things have changed and how they impact our future. Your church leadership team is working on a program to find out who we now are, determining where the church body wants to go and how to get there. Everything is up for discussion and you can expect to have an opportunity to express your thoughts and ideas. We need to find out not only what you want from FCC but what are you willing to do to make it a reality. We have a unique opportunity and we need your help.

Spring is the season when seeds germinate, new growth begins and potential is realized, let us not waste that season and that opportunity. Stay tuned!


Cliff Caton