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“What is this world coming to…”  used to be a euphemism for I’m frustrated with the way things are or it’s hard to believe; but now it seems to me to be a very legitimate question. One, by the way, that I do not believe anyone can answer with any certitude.

We are living in unprecedented times, while being bombarded by self-interested parties vying for our approval and support. At least for me, the result is a cacophony of voices that all blend into a wall of noise. I find I no longer believe any of the so-called news programs. I don’t read the paper because they too seem to be advocating a position rather than reporting facts. In the midst of all this is…well all this! What is this world coming to?

Some believe it is the “End Times,”...I don’t. We are in an escalating environment when it comes to information sharing (euphemistically speaking) and instantaneous communication has become the standard by which all things social seem to be evaluated, while accuracy and truth has been sacrificed. We hear, “Mask!” then “Masks don’t work, you need to stay six feet away” blah, blah, blah. Mark Twain once commented “that a lie will fly around the whole world while the truth is getting its boots on,” and that was in his time!

History has proven him correct in ways he could not have imagined. But, as Slade would ask, “So what?” What does any of this have to do with church and our relationship with God? A lot, actually. We often speak about context when looking at text, but we need to remember that we too live in a contextual world. When we hear or read how crazy things are getting, when we read or hear about all the catastrophes taking place, even to the point that some people think the end of time is near, it can affect our world view. Distort it even. So, let us remind ourselves that even though we are eight months into a worldwide pandemic, even though church as we know it has been disrupted and even though people’s lives have been significantly impacted, and we don’t know from day to day what to expect, First Christian Church is doing well.

Yes, we have had to make changes and yes we have been frugal with our expenses, but as of this date we declined to take the funds offered by the government and we have not had to reach into the savings account or the special funds AND our membership has grown. That is a remarkable thing when you think about it. That says a lot about how faithful our church family is and how faithful God has been to our church family.

Thank you for your faithfulness. Every where we look, we see tears in the fabric of society as we know it – everywhere but the church. For two thousand years preachers, Elders and church folk have assured one another that we, the church would be the calm in the storm and now we are. Pray God it remains so. Keep praying, keep worshiping, keep giving and keep being you, and I will see you when I see you.


Cliff Caton