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Well Dear Ones, here we are again. I know it seems like an eternity for young people, the time between Christmas seasons, but for many of us it feels just the opposite. I could swear we just had Christmas a few weeks ago. Where does the time go?

In thinking about what I would write about, I considered what informs us this time of year. Every year we celebrate Advent and Christmas. Every year we look for new and unique ways to prepare our hearts and inspire our spiritual journey as we ritually celebrate the birth of the Christ child. There is nothing new or unique about that. What makes every Advent and Christmas season different is the time in which it occurs.

Therefore, in addition to going through the motions of preparation for the Christmas season by decorating, baking, singing and of course purchasing, we should stop and ask ourselves what is unique about THIS Christmas season. What will you be referring to when you say, “You remember back in Christmas ‘21 when……?” THAT is what we need to be thinking about this Christmas season. 

What do you think that thing, event or news item will be? What is happening in your life that will make this Christmas season stand out in your memory and how will you use it to further your walk with Jesus, the Christ?


Cliff Caton