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When I say “September,” what comes to mind? What do you think of the month? If I’m candid, I don’t care much for September. It seems to me that by the time we get to September, fall should be peeking at us through leaves that are starting to change from green to a wild cacophony of colors but usually, it’s just hot. It’s as if September really wants to be in the middle of the summer!

When you think about it, September has a point. After all, even the name September is a summer name. It comes from the Latin word for seven and the seventh month of the year IS in the middle of summer. It isn’t September’s fault the calendar was reorganized and it lost it’s place in the middle of summer. Still though, by the time September rolls around people are ready for a break in the heat and inevitably September plays a trick on us by giving us a wonderful cooldown and then a period of brutal heat just to remind us of its summer heritage.

What does this have to do with our spiritual journey? Not a single thing that I can think of. So let’s do this, instead of me wracking my brain to try and make something meaningful by way of an analogy...you tell me. How does what I just presented to you relate to your spiritual journey or our community of believers or, well anything relevant to Christianity, the church, or whatever. At least it will show you read this!


Cliff Caton