Cliff Notes...






Words are powerful things. Some more so than others, no doubt, but truly almost any word is powerful. Let’s take an ordinary word; one with little personality or obvious panache. Let’s look at the word “when.” “When” doesn’t seem too extraordinary does it? Looking at the word in isolation it isn’t all that impressive is it? Here, look for yourself – When. Nope.

BUT, if it is given some latitude, now you have something. Here is an example; when will you be home? Or, when were you going to tell me? How about, you’re going to do what – when? See what I mean, almost every word has powerful potential, depending on how one uses it.

Consequently, it is with full awareness of the power of the word “when” that I offer you these phrases.

When did you first know Jesus?

When did you decide church would help you in your journey with your savior?

We have more members today than when I first took over as Senior Pastor twelve years ago this month but fewer people on Sunday.

When did you last come to church?

When did you decide your participation wasn’t important?

When will we be graced with your presence again?

I know some other powerful words as well, don’t make me use them!


Cliff Caton