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Well, it’s that time of year again. Sunday was the Chief’s home opener. Go chiefs! And I do mean go. While you are at it, take the Chargers, the Rams, the Pinheads and all the other professional sports teams with you.

In case that wasn’t clear enough – I don’t like football. Not that I don’t have to endure it, I do, at least on the amateur level, by watching my grandson. Even there I am reminded why I so dislike it. Last Saturday while attending my six year old grandson’s flag football game I heard a father yell to his son, “If he runs down the sidelines just knock him out of bounds!”  No one thought a thing of it. As I looked around, most of the parents were wearing team shirts and there were groups huddled everywhere strategizing how to win.

If you actually took the time to listen to them, you heard, “defeat”, “dominate”, “crush”, even “kill.” These were kindergarten and first grade children they were teaching to yell this. But hey, it’s all in fun right? We are teaching them teamwork and “sportsmanship” right? Are we? Or are we teaching them to revere and idolize professional athletes that make obscene amounts of money and contribute nothing to the welfare of society?

What IS a child supposed to think, feel, learn when several hundred adults scream adulation at the top of their lungs when one of the little ones evades all the others and runs the length of the field? What would you expect those who didn’t make that run to feel? Maybe something like, “I really want to be THAT guy?” or, “Boy I sure am learning a lot about teamwork and sportsmanship.”

Let’s be real, we have a societal system designed to keep a few at the top and the rest wanting to be there and it isn’t JUST football, it is most every system in our lives and they will continue to dominate us unless and until we stop participating in them.

You think it doesn’t matter? Go read Matthew 20:1-16. You still think it doesn’t matter? Then tell me why there was only 47 people in second service Sunday? Where were you?


Cliff Caton