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As I write this, the election is two weeks away. That means that by the time many of you read this the votes have been cast and hopefully a clear winner has emerged. It is instructive to remember that no matter who wins, half of the population of the country, community and presumably the church is going to be unhappy with the results and that’s the best-case scenario.

I share this to remind ourselves of several things. First, at least with respect to our membership, each person no matter how they voted, did so with the hope and intention of doing the right thing. We all need to keep that in mind. The second thing is that whomever wins, they will not turn the direction of the country 180 degrees. We will still keep moving forward as a nation.

I heard an elderly Tuskegee Airman comment about the nation, and to paraphrase this wise gentleman, he said that while we have never been a perfect nation, we have always been one that is striving for perfection. Now before you call or write me and say, “leave politics out of the pulpit,” let me remind you of the same thing. I am asking us to continue to respect one another, love one another and celebrate our wide variety of opinions—not stating one.

Jesus teaches us that we live in a society where we have an obligation to participate and to do so through the lens of Matthew 22:37-40. Doing so is all the more important during turbulent times. It is in these times that we can be a model and a moderating influence in an increasingly chaotic environment. What an amazing opportunity to live out that which we say we believe.



Cliff Caton