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Morel mushrooms to be exact. I know some of you don’t know or care anything about them, and some of you know exactly what I meant by that opening sentence. For those who have never experienced “Morchella Deliciosa,”well the name kind of gives it away—they are delicious! A difficult mushroom to grow for sure but they have made a lot of progress and as it turns out it is a pretty fair paradigm of life.

It’s all about the mycelium. Think of lots of tiny structures about the width of a hair. You might mistake them for the roots of the mushroom but it isn’t. The mycelium is actually the body of the fungus and the part you pick and eat is the fruit. This structure, the mycelium, grows all spring, summer and fall but you can’t usually see it since it is under the leaves and often below ground. All most people ever see is the fruit that we call morels.

Life is like that too; all most people see about our lives is the fruit. We seldom stop to consider what has gone into the fruit of one’s life as we encounter them. We have all seen (or been) irritable and thought, “wow, what a grouch.” What we probably didn’t do is ask ourselves what made that person grouchy. Or, sometimes we see amazing acts of generosity and again we forget to ask what brought that person to that place. The truth is that whatever we see or project in our lives is the fruit of our lives and it is worth stopping to consider if that is what we want people to see or to think about us.

Unlike the Morchella Deliciosa, which has no choice but to produce the fruit it gives, we have the opportunity to decide what kind of person we are and what fruit our live will bear. It is worth remembering though, that the fruit is the result of who we truly are, not who we wish we were or who we want people to think we are. So, what doe your fruit say about you?


Cliff Caton