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We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmaaaaasss, and a happy new year! Okay everybody, let’s do it again and make it PC! WE WISH YOU A HAPPY HOLIDAY, WE WISH YOU A HAPPY HOLIDAY…wait, wait, wait. That just doesn’t work. There is a NAME for the holiday we are celebrating – it’s CHRISTMAS!

Christmas! Why is it okay to celebrate Chanukah or Ramadan but not Christmas? How did this happen and why do we let it continue? I don’t mind, in fact I expect Jewish people to celebrate their holidays, including Chanukah, just as I understand why Muslims celebrate Ramadan. I have never, in my entire life asked or expected a follower of either of those religions to refrain from naming, observing or celebrating important times and dates in their religious traditions. You know, as I think about it, I have never had anyone of those traditions ask me to refrain from celebrating mine either!

As I consider it, I think this is another insidious move by the other major religion – capitalism. Since the retailers want to sell to people of all three religions, the use of holiday gives them maximum coverage and minimum conflict. There might be some folk that object to calling Christmas – Christmas, but I suspect they fall closer to Capitalists or Atheists than they do Jews or Muslims, and I suspect there aren’t even many of them. In all likelihood we have allowed a tiny minority of people (who probably don’t believe in much of anything), to bully us into caving into their “politically correct” definition of the holiday time that is in fact, Christmas.

Can we really make a difference pushing back against the “PC” movement to say, “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas”? Yes, yes we can. It makes a difference in how we approach the world. We need to remember that young people are watching and listening carefully (even though they may not appear to be) to what we say and do. It might sound a bit grandiose to declare that saying, “Merry Christmas” is a faith statement but it is and though it may not see like it makes a difference, I believe it does.

Maybe we should read Matthew 25:1-13 carefully and stay alert to anything that leads us away from the truth.


Cliff Caton