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About Our Church

The First Christian Church has been worshipping and serving in the Blue Springs area for over 150 years. While we are very proud of our past, we are more concerned about the present and the future. We are predominantly a New Testament church with full appreciation that the roots of our faith are found in the Old Testament. We preach, teach and sing praises to a loving, forgiving God as revealed to us by Jesus the Christ.

Behavorial Covenant

About Disciples of Christ

This congregation is a part of The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of the United States and Canada, with origins on the 19th century frontier. Since our beginnings, the Disciples of Christ have endeavored to increase respect, understanding and unity among the believers of Christ. As Disciples, we strive to remain obedient to the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament by practicing a faith, which is socially, and intellectually sound. Our congregation is bound together in fellowship and service by belief in the Good Confession that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and we individually accept Him as our personal Savior. This is for us the only "test of faith" for any Christian. The church recognizes the right of each individual to exercise freedom of opinion. This principle is a sustaining force in the life of the church. We hold that there should be "In Essentials, unity; In opinions, liberty; and In all things, love."

There are around 700,000 members of The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in about 3,700 congregations in the United States and Canada. In the Greater Kansas City Region, there are more then 40,000 members in over 81 churches and growing.

The Regional Office of the Christian Church of KC

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Disciples of Christ

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